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An Attitude of Gratitude!

This place is a happy sanctuary, and I believe the best way to set a positive tone to your day is to start it (or end) by thinking about the things that you are grateful for, that make you feel warm happy.

In honor of my newly branded business, today, I have a few things to share that am so grateful and thankful for:

  1. Always, my husband, family, friends, pets and our happy, loving home. They are my joy, love, comfort and support. I literally write this down every day. When I think of this, I will always have an amazing day. Today especially, I am grateful for my sweet twin nieces who recently had their 17th They are such beautiful, kind, talented and smart young girls with the world ahead of them. They just received their first gratitude journals, and that gave me this idea. But regardless of that, I’m very glad they were born :)
  2. All of the people along the way who have helped me get my career to where it is right now. All of them. I consider myself very lucky to know hundreds of kind people who give me knowledge and confidence. I’d especially like to mention Corporate Environments of GA. Being the most positive place to work for a young administrative professional; I was treated well there by Karen Hughes, Gayle, Nancy, Molly, Tony, Sheila, Jane, Patty, Val, and many more. In the last 14 years I have been graced with the support of so many fabulous bridal stores! Most recently I have been closest with The Something Blue Shoppe, Wedding Shoppe Inc, Charlotte’s Bridal & Formal, and The Wedding Shoppe, though I have worked closely with over 50 stores! I consider that a huge accomplishment for this little company; and I really admire and appreciate the smart women and gentlemen who run these establishments. Teresa, who is my jewelry making queen guru, is not yet pictured in our video, but soon will be :)
  3. For Miss Lily. She is a beautiful friend, and our first jewelry model. She knocked it out of the park, wouldn’t you agree?

This is the fun part. I’ve got a lot to share. I love designing jewelry, and I love wearing jewelry. Passion and work combined into a sole purpose to help others and myself find deeper meaning in our lives, and of course to sell a little jewelry along the way!

Do you know what I mean when I say after a full year of overwhelming political drama and COVID-19 restrictions; there seems to be no other conversations amongst my family or friends (NOT that there is anything wrong with that)?

It’s not that I don’t want to know what is going on or to feel safe. It’s just that it gets to be the only thing we are talking about. Have you experienced the inevitability of getting frustrated with each other because of differing opinions?

Do you feel like your heart and brain are being squeezed on number 10 in the pit of despair? From now on you will be paralyzed with fear or simply explode never to be normal again?

I have to constantly remind myself that when things get to this point, it’s extremely important to remember what and who is important in my life.

And that it is not important to be the one who is right.

The truth is we all have different experiences. Depending on where each of us is coming from, the same bit of information will be taken completely differently. What is true for me might not be true for you.

So how can any one person be right and another person be wrong? This seems like common sense, but I forget now and then.

Today, for the 3rd time; I am going through the book. Doing my research for discussions to share with you!

Uncle Eckhart (Eckhart Tolle – oh yes! In my head he is my uncle) says it perfectly in his book A New Earth:

“Just as a caterpillar becomes dysfunctional shortly before it undergoes its metamorphosis into a butterly, the egoic state of consciousness, …will likely become increasingly dysfunctional and cause a growing number of acute crises affecting many parts of the planet, as well as turmoil and breakdown… This is nothing to be afraid of. If you stay present and do not succumb to fear, if you do not believe the media when they tell you that you should be afraid, these things will not affect you deeply.”

What I will remember today: Do not believe the media when they tell you that you should be afraid. 

A New Earth - Eckhart Tolle
A New Earth - Eckhart Tolle

Please note: I will still wash my hands often. But Uncle Eckhart is right: if you succumb to fear it will drive you crazy.

Today, I am going to take a breath, put down the phone and turn off the news. I’m going to go outside for a while. Later, I will be reading good books, for that makes me feel happy and alive!

What are you grateful for today?

Today I am wearing Blue Lace Agate, along with Quartz Crystal. Blue Lace Agate is helping with verbal expression of thoughts and feelings. Quartz amplifies whatever other stone you are wearing!

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If you would like to learn more about the art of gratitude, follow Jack Canfield (@jackcanfield_official). His book is called “The Success Principles”. And watch out, his positivity is contagious!

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