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One Way to Deal With Stress: Breathing

When You Stop and Breathe, All Your Dreams Come True!

Why you say, would I want to stop and breathe? My body does this naturally, without any thought at all! And you are so right, my friend!

What I mean here, is conscientious breathing. Breath in, breath out. Yes, that’s right. This is what will keep you grounded in this present moment.

When you are not grounded, things happen. Things like stress, anxiety, confusion, bad decisions, negative self talk, unhappiness, and ultimately illness.

Have you been experiencing any of these things lately? If so, this breathing thing will really make a difference for you, as it did for me!

Learning to Breathe

I started this business in the bridal industry, way back when (2003). I love making jewelry, and really I wanted to work at home. And after about 3 years, it all took off for me. What I didn’t know, is that I was really just lucky. I had the right advertising at the right time.

A year later as the housing market crashed, I had no clue. Business just kept declining. I blindly kept throwing more and more money away on advertising that was never going to work. I was totally in debt, totally scared, and totally lost.

I hated myself. I told myself over and over again, this is why people get a college education. Everyone else on this planet is smarter than I am. Who am I to do this to my family, to myself!!

Many years went by this way. Working at home by myself, I became so introverted. I lost all my self esteem. I couldn’t get out of bed. I was afraid to admit my mistake because I worked so hard to get there!

Thankfully, I’ve got sisters. My eldest sister (our fearless leader), one day dropped a book in my lap: The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. I dove in with both feet! In this book he taught me to breathe. He taught me to meditate. He gave me many tools which I can use to find stillness in any given moment. This book among others has changed my life!

This one day (at band camp), I was giving myself a break. Sick in bed, I decided to take a scroll through Facebook. I saw an ad for a business class, specifically for the jewelry biz! Well, what a coincidence. Who knew!

I love my biz, and didn’t want to give up. So I took that class. I learned all this stuff I was doing totally wrong; I learned about the business end of entrepreneurship, and how to set it up correctly, to grow big! At last, a glimmer of hope and relief, I actually can turn things around.

So I put on my big girl pants and did something brave that I had always wanted to do. I signed up for Atlanta Apparel VOW Bridal Market. Now let’s see what I’m made of…

Well I sold so much; I was able to hire 2 makers to help me. It took us three months to fill all the orders!

Finally, I had everything I ever loved about this biz in the first place.

I know it all seems so simple! But breathing, and consciously choosing not to worry has enabled me to save my business, and completely turn my life around.

And you can use this for everything in your life!

How Do We Do This?

Practice, practice, practice! Make a strong commitment to yourself to slow down, and practice. Make a note to yourself. Put it on your mirror and on your computer! You. Are. Worth. It!!!

Wear our jewelry! Our jewelry collections are designed with the intention that when you wear them, you feel the stones upon your skin, and remember to breathe. Each gemstone has unique properties that bring forth the energy of your desires. When you take a breath, and think of what you desire, it will come to you.

Don’t be discouraged. Life keeps us so busy; you really want us to remind ourselves to breathe every 1.5 seconds??? Ah see but you will always have to tinkle or drive somewhere; and this is a good place to start. Not during a presentation. Start small, practice, and it will grow!

Always remember, you are not bad at this. It is our inherent nature to be constantly thinking. It’s tiring, I know! But you must be determined, and you will improve.

You will see results!

When you are grounded, all the right answers come to you. Creatively, spontaneously, just like a lucky coincidence. Believe it! Because you are aware of what you want, and breathing, you are listening for the answers.

What’s holding you back?

Recommended Gemstones for Breathing and Calming the Mind!

 Labradorite Jewelry for Women


Calms an overactive mind, imparts strength and perseverance! 

Jade Gemstone Jewelry for Women


Releases negative thoughts, soothes the mind!

Carnelian Gemstone Jewelry for Women


Grounds you in the present.

Each jewelry piece is carefully handmade, with lots of happiness and love. Each stone is hand selected with care to ensure every piece turns out as beautifully as possible. When you wear this jewelry, you will feel absolutely beautiful in it.

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Let our jewelry be your tool to remember to breathe, love, and be happy!

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