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If you love pets, here’s a feel good story for ya. Who here is an animal lover?

We recently adopted the most precious older cat from our nearby Humane Society. If you have ever visited your local shelter, you know very well how many sweet, dear animals are there waiting patiently for their furever homes.

Well just two short years ago in December, right before Christmas. I took the two cats we had at the time for their checkups.

I had procrastinated on this, but I thought I was doing good! I mean.. it totally breaks my heart into pieces when they are crying in the car and have no idea where we are taking them!?! Can you relate? Pieces.

Well, I certainly should have procrastinated for the rest of my life.

Our dear boy, Mack; a 7 year old orange tabby, did not handle the vaccines well. Two days later he was unable to walk straight and sleeping around the clock.

Low and behold, he ends up at the emergency center. It turns out he had an autoimmune reaction to one of his vaccines. His body was attacking his own blood cells.

The options were chemo; which may or may not save his life, or euthanasia.

We chose the latter.

It all happened so fast. In just a couple of day’s time, our baby was gone. Just gone. What the heck just happened? He seemed perfectly healthy before that check up.

We do still have our other cat, a black panther named Mina. She is absolutely precious. Though feral and just a bit grouchy, we love her to pieces. She loves to eat, and does not require a lot of snuggling!

Because of our feral panther, we had been hesitant for a while to adopt another cat. She can be quite aggressive. But she’s not going anywhere; this is her home.

As I was not getting nearly enough kitty snuggles, I have taken up weekly volunteering at our local shelter; where we had previously adopted Mack!

Over time I was able to find Elvis, who gracefully coexists with our Mina panther! Elvis is a 10 year old male Nebelung breed, and he is SO spectacular! We could not have picked a better bundle of fluff for our home. It took a few months for him to acclimate to Mina; but we are finally again satisfied with the level of “cattitude” in this household!

I continue to volunteer and tremendously look forward to my weekly visits with all the cats at HSCC. To me, it is most rewarding to walk in there and have cats that used to by very shy around me come beaming out for snuggles when I arrive. There are hundreds of them! If you have ever considered doing this, get out there! Some cats are there for life, and will be delighted to shower you with love and affection.

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