Layered Gemstone Necklaces

New Lucky Layers

New layering chokers are here.. and two is better then one!
We've got some new colors in our favorite choker designs to mix and match with pendants and long necklaces!
Click the links below each picture to shop the look!

 Amethyst Layered Necklaces

Calla Amethyst Choker

Leilani Amethyst Pendant

Gemstone Layered Necklaces

Calla Labradorite Choker

Essence Labradorite Pendant

Lapis Layered Necklaces

Calla Lapis Choker

Leilani Lapis Pendant

 Amethyst Layered Necklaces

Heather Aquamarine Pearl Choker

Chrysanthe Aquamarine Pendant

Rose Quartz Layered Necklaces

Heather Rose Quartz Choker

Chrysanthe Rose Quartz Pendant

 Aquamarine Layered Necklaces

Hyacinth Aquamarine Choker

Breath Aquamarine Pendant

Tourmaline Layered Necklaces

Hyacinth Tourmaline Choker

Chrysanthe Tourmaline Pendant

Peridot Layered Necklaces

Hyacinth Peridot Choker

Leilani Peridot Pendant

 Turquoise Layered Necklaces

Delphine Turquoise Choker

Leilani Turquoise Pendant

Rose Quartz Layered Necklaces

Delphine Rose Quartz Choker

Wrapped in Love Pendant


You're too amazing for boring jewelry! Gemstones carry healing and balancing vibrations, and each one is different! Wear them to become more equipped, enhancing your life and wellbeing. 💜

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  • Get free shipping within the continental US
  • If giving a gift, order gift wrapping and write your gift message in the order notes at checkout. I will write it on a card for you.
  • I do take custom orders... email and let me know what you are looking for!

Angelic Jewelry is made for amazing women to remind you to stay centered and live your happiest, most loving life! 💜💜💜

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