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Welcome to Angelic Jewelry, and thank you so much for being here!

Originally established in 2003, we were Everything Angelic and strictly in the bridal industry. This is why, in some designs you’ll notice a bit of Swarovski sparkle!

Bespoke, artisan craftsmanship reflects creativity in my unique way of mixing shape, color and texture. You’ll find our jewelry delicate, extremely feminine and pretty, and comfortable to wear!

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Breathe Love Be Happy! Blog

And yes, all that is all super duper great! And if you so choose, you can simply wear the jewelry. You will feel absolutely beautiful in it.

But my promise to you right now, is that we are going to take it a step further, and have some fun!

We are going to play a little game. It’s called “What if”!*

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Say to yourself “What if right now, I feel totally relaxed and free from stress!” or “What if right now, I feel amazing and happy!” or “What if right now, I see and feel love everywhere!” Do you see where I’m going with this?

This is called an intention. This is awareness and clarity of what you most want in this particular moment. So, what do you want right now?

I’ll tell you what I want right now. And that is to finish writing this page! Because I am so incredibly introverted! But what if, I choose to hold my head up, and get over it?

Learning to Breathe

I started this business way back when because I wanted to work at home. And after about 3 years, it all took off for me. What I didn’t know, is that I was really just lucky. I had the right advertising at the right time.

A year later as the housing market crashed, I had no clue. Business just kept declining. I blindly kept throwing more and more money away on advertising that was never going to work. I was totally in debt, totally scared, and totally lost.

I told myself over and over again, this is why people get a college education. Everyone else on this planet is smarter than I am. I felt like a stupid, stupid girl. Who am I to do this to my family, to myself!!

Many years went by this way. Working at home by myself, I became so introverted. I lost all my self esteem. I was afraid to admit my mistake because I worked so hard to get here!

Thankfully, I’ve got sisters. My eldest sister our fearless leader, one day dropped a book in my lap. A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose by Eckhart Tolle. This book changed my life. It taught me to breathe. It taught me to meditate. It gave me tools which I can use to find stillness in any given moment. I love it and practice regularly!

Learning to Love

Well I never really go on Facebook, but for some reason one day I decided to take a scroll through. I saw an ad for a business class, specifically for the jewelry biz!

I took that class. It was so great. I learned all this stuff that I was doing totally wrong! I felt a glimmer of hope! I felt like I can actually turn things around.

So what the heck, I did something brave that I had always wanted to do. I signed up for Atlanta Apparel VOW Bridal Market. I am gonna be like all the others I look up to in this biz…

Well I sold so much; I was able to hire 2 makers to help me. It took us three months to fill all the orders!

Finally, I had everything I ever loved about this biz in the first place.

Learning to Be Happy

On a glorious walk one breezy afternoon, as my mind wanders to friends and family; and maybe you can relate. Them being stressed out, worried, depressed… or maybe you are feeling this way yourself.

I think “What if I can help them”? “What if I can spend my time learning more about meditation and the law of attraction and get paid to do so”? Ha.

Well, the idea came swiftly. I made the switch from bridal, to working with gemstones using their healing properties to find a way to bring this bliss to at least a few people. 1 or 1000. I will make a difference. And that makes me happy!

A Passion to Share What I Have Learned

How did all this happen? I never would have found that class if I hadn’t just stopped.

All answers are out there. You just have to stop and breathe. And that’s it.

I have been making jewelry for 18 years. Honestly, it had been for me. And that is why I failed. So after hitting the bottom, I learned the tools to change my life.

Now, I want to share them with you… because you are the one who works so hard. You are the one who takes care of everyone, and everything. I know because I see it in all of those who I am close to.

So why not, let our jewelry be your tool to remember to breathe, love, and be happy!

Why not let our jewelry be your reminder that today, we are going to have some fun!

How to wear this jewelry:

As you feel this jewelry upon your skin, take a breath. Remember your intention.

Today What if, I am:                                        Love!




                                                                            Full of Energy!

                                                                            Perfect Health!

Have some fun… always remember to breathe, and allow it to show up in unexpected ways!

*This game “What if” is based on segment intending from The Law of Attraction, by Jerry & Esther Hicks.

Go as far with this as you want

You can simply wear the jewelry. You will feel beautiful doing so. It is beautiful jewelry, made with passion and love!

Take it a step further and play What if! Breathe, and state your intentions. Just see what happens! It will be so fun, and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Take it even further by following our blog and social media where we share exciting tips learned from the pro’s on how to breathe, love and be happy.

We welcome you to be a part of our happy sanctuary!

This is an interactive experience

All this story telling is hard for me, but I am getting over my introversion. After all, I published this! And I’m committed to learning and sharing more and more.

I know if I am going through something, someone out there is going through it too. So maybe you can let me know if you have had these experiences!

I want to hear what is most important to you. Let’s share and celebrate your successes!

This is a safe space

This space is for sharing learning experiences. Here there is no judgment here. There are no repercussions. Only unconditional love.


Handmade Gemstone Jewelry for Women
Handmade Gemstone Jewelry for Women Handmade Gemstone Jewelry for Women Handmade Gemstone Jewelry for Women
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